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Whole Health Conference to be held in Victoria


Whole Health Conference to be held in Victoria
The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) association warmly invites RMTs to share in its 2010 Whole Health Conference to be held in Victoria, B.C. from Oct. 29-31, 2010.

August 24, 2010  By Massage Therapy Canada

Aug. 13, Victoria,
B.C. – The Natural Health Practitioners of
Canada (NHPC) association warmly invites RMTs to share in its 2010 Whole Health
Conference, a learning celebration of the human mind, body and spirit to be
held in Victoria, British Columbia from October 29-31,

Since 1988, the NHPC has been a cutting-edge leader
in natural healthcare education. NHPC provides learning opportunities that
transform lives with some of the world’s foremost experts on health care issues.
The conference
is open to all healthcare professionals including, RMTs, naturopaths, nurses,
MDs, spa practitioners, energy workers and more and will be held at the
Victoria Marriot Hotel in downtown Victoria.

Conference Streams


Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from top
names in integrative, holistic, and natural health care.
Whole Health Conference has over 20 learning sessions that have been organized
into six educational streams to help you maximize your learning experience.
Select sessions from any combination of the following streams.

Food and Nutrition
Participants attending workshops and presentations in this stream will gain
tools to support patients/clients in formulating nutritional regimens that restore
health and wellbeing.

Soft Tissue Manipulation
Sessions include massage methods that are based on a "western"
medical model, and "western" approach to the body (western in this
case referring to a strict scientific and purely mechanical approach to the
healing of the body.)

Physical Energy Work
Sessions in this
stream are based on an oriental medicine understanding of anatomy and
physiology. The oriental approach is based on balancing the flow of energy
through the body’s energetic channels, meridians, and focal points. It includes
both the application of pressure to specific, defined points along those
channels or meridians, and massage strokes.

Leadership and Development
Professions serve
society by pooling knowledge among their members. They also help their members
build networks, find collaborators, and organize around issues that affect
them. In a world of ceaseless innovation and change, every professional must be
a leader.

Participants in this
stream will learn practical strategies for becoming leaders in both their
personal and professional lives.

Spa Treatments
Total revenue
streams within the spa industry have increased 146 per cent to $1.5 billion in
the last several years with medical spas the fastest growing segment. More and
more people are including spa treatments as part of their regular health and
wellness routine.

Sessions in this stream
will provide participants with the tools and knowledge to begin offering
clients/patients a series of spa treatments.

Animal Interactions
Nature and animals are able to reach people in profound ways. Language
barriers, cultural barriers, class barriers – all those obstacles come tumbling
down when we use animal interactions for healing. Animal interactions will
focus on equine therapy with Oriane Lee Johnston.

More information

There will also be an inspirational
plenary with filmmaker and sustainable food advocate, Craig Noble and you can
witness screening of Craig Noble’s film, Tableland, combined with a fresh, local culinary

Off-site tours to Goldstream Provincial
Park, Butchart
Gardens, SaltSpring Island,
Sannich Penisula, an evening Ghostly Bus Tour of Victoria or Microbrewery Tour
are also offered through the conference.

Please be sure to visit the extensive
health sector tradeshow that will be available throughout the event.

For more information on this
event, including registration and accommodation details, please visit or contact Erica Jones
at or by calling
(toll-free) 1-888-711-7701.


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