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A new health care scheduling service in Canada!

Oct. 16, Toronto, Ont. – PatientCal is a new Canadian online appointment scheduling service that is designed specifically for those in the healthcare industry. In an effort to free up your time to spend with patients, PatientCal automates the tedious tasks associated with running your business.

October 18, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

it’s during the day, or after hours when your office is closed, PatientCal ( enables your patients
to book an appointment directly through your website at their convenience. And
because less time on the phone means you can dedicate time to higher quality
work, PatientCal offers email appointment reminders, which reduce no-shows with
no extra effort required on your part.

As a
company dedicated to building features for the healthcare industry, PatientCal
is also launching automated recalls. Recognizing that many practices spend
hundreds of dollars a month on patient retention, PatientCal automates this
process by detecting which patients have not visited you in a while and sends a
series of emails encouraging them to book their next appointment with you.

As an
additional convenience, PatientCal stores your calendar in the cloud so you can
view your schedule from the office, home, or your mobile device.


is currently free to try at


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