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Athletic therapy not just for athletes

While people usually think of sports when talking about athletic activity, most Canadians engage in some form of physical activity every day. Whether it’s lifting an infant into a highchair, running for the bus or bending to reach a fallen sock behind the dryer, people move and exert their bodies constantly – sometimes feeling the pain from those movements.

June 2, 2014  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

That’s the idea behind National Athletic Therapy Month this June, an
annual reminder that everyone can benefit from the expertise of Canada’s
Certified Athletic Therapists. By declaring, “We are all athletes,” the
Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) hopes to educate
Canadians who have sustained an injury to their muscles, bones or joints
that a certified athletic therapist can help get them back to work and

“While we’re primarily known for our role in helping
athletes recover from injury faster and achieve peak performance, our
skills can be used to help anyone with an injury,” said Richard DeMont,
president of CATA.

“Whether you’re a weekend golfer, an avid
gardener or a busy soccer mom, moving without pain or discomfort is an
important part of our overall health and well being.”

Being able
to translate the knowledge gained from years of treating elite athletes
at the highest levels of competitive and professional sports into the
needs of all Canadians makes the role of a certified athletic therapist
very valuable for injury recovery.


“For professional and elite
athletes, the sporting arena is their workplace, and we treat workplace
injuries,” said DeMont. “Whether that workplace is a playing field or an
office tower makes no difference; we help get people back into their

From injury prevention to emergency care to
rehabilitation, certified athletic therapists are committed to assisting
all of life’s athletes, CATA said.

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