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B.C. therapist awarded $14K scholarship by RMTBC

With its mandate to advance knowledge and understanding of massage therapy, the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia (RMTBC) has granted a $14,000 scholarship to Robert Hemsworth, registered massage therapist, to continue his education in the master of rehabilitation science program at the University of British Columbia.

September 22, 2015  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

The RMTBC said it recognizes the vital importance of developing research capabilities in highly qualified master’s students amongst its membership. Through research, the profession and practice of massage therapy is advanced, enhancing the profession’s and the public’s understanding of massage therapy and its therapeutic value.

Hemsworth, a RMT for 14 years, is entering the fourth year of a five-year program intended to advance leadership qualities of learners in various aspects of rehabilitation. He said the program has already strengthened his ability to demonstrate research leadership.

“I plan to continue my professional role as a clinician and educator, however I am developing research capabilities now to allow for improved transfer of knowledge into clinical and educational workplaces as a means to strengthen reasoning and decision-making skills,” he said. This may include academic writing to generate research literature and inform the massage therapy profession about a variety of topics.

“A final developing professional role may involve development of potential modification strategies to address identified measurement implementation barriers within massage therapy practice,” said Hemsworth. “Potential modification strategies might entail development of educational workshops to train RMTs about standardized assessment practices or curriculum development to promote evidence-based practice understanding within the massage therapy educational system.”


RMTBC offers two scholarships of $14,000 annually to RMTs in qualified master’s programs. The degree program and proposed course of study, including the research component, must have a clear relationship to massage therapy. These scholarships contribute to the profession by advancing knowledge through the candidates’ research, and by helping financially support developing scholars in the field. Candidates must meet eligibility requirements. Those studying at B.C. universities are given priority.

“It is vital that we support, including financially, the development of research capabilities in the massage therapy profession,” said Joey Lattanzio, president, RMTBC. “By assisting RMTs in their graduate level studies, we can create independent and productive researchers who can achieve advances in our health care modality and share that knowledge with current and new RMTs in B.C.”

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