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Hot stone massage bag by Vulsini

Oct 20, Middlesex, UK – The Vulsini company, known for mobile hot stone massage therapy products, introduces its Vulsini Bag for heating hot stones on-the-go.

October 31, 2011  By Massage Therapy Canada

Launched in April 2011 at the Cosmoprof International trade show in Italy, the Vulsini Bag is a groundbreaking innovation for anyone involved in hot stone therapies.The bag heats basalt stones for hot stone massage without using water, eliminating the need for a bulky, impractical heater. 

Thanks to years of trade links with hundreds of therapists, Vulsini have been able to make hot stone therapies truly mobile, for the first time ever. Listening to these therapists as well as in-house designers together with manufacturers and electrical engineers, the company has spent two years developing the bag. 

The creation of the Vulsini bag means therapists can maximize their time, meaning more treatments can be performed in quicker succession than ever before. Simply arrange the stones inside the bag and plug it in to any socket to heat the stones. The temperature of the stones inside the bag can regulated by a built-in digital thermostat that is controlled by the handy thermometer on the front of the bag. 

While traveling to a client’s location, the bag can be plugged into a 12V lighter socket in your car to maintain the temperature of the stones. Both mains and car adapter sockets are fitted to the bag and are stored in individual pockets on the front. In addition, risk factors are vastly reduced as there is no water around any electrical outlets and no need to carry and empty 10 litres of hot water! 

With its reinforced side wall and shoulder strap, the bag is structurally supported from the bottom up. Made with wipe-clean fabrics, the bag comes complete with a reusable stone bag for collecting and containing the used stones. The Vulsini Bag has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment using less power to heat the stones, no water and manufactured using the best quality materials, with minimum plastic and metal parts. Its sleek design reduces storage space at home or in the salon/spa and is a professional accessory for the modern mobile therapist. 

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