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Manual Lymph Drainage Courses for RMTs

July 23, Victoria BC – The Dr. Vodder School invites RMTs to sign up for fall 2012 courses in manual lymph drainage (MLD) and combined decongestive therapy (CDT). Therapist training meets the prerequisite requirements of LANA, the Lymphology Association of North America, enabling therapists to sit the LANA exam.

July 23, 2012  By Massage Therapy Canada

Dr. Vodder MLD Basic Course: This course is taught by Sandra MacDonald. This is an intensive course involving extensive hands-on work. The basic strokes, and their application to each body part, are taught. Didactic instruction covers anatomy and physiology of the lymph vessel system, connective tissue, effects of MLD and contraindications. Lymphedemas are described with an emphasis on how manual lymph drainage can affect them. 

Dr. Vodder MLD Therapy I Course: This course is taught by Koby Blanchfield or Robert Harris. Learners must attend a basic course before attending Therapy I. This is a five-day course with practical sessions that include special techniques for the joints, the head (including intra-oral) and abdomen. The student is introduced to therapeutic applications. A review of all basic techniques and sequences is given. In the theory sessions, advanced theory and current research is discussed as well as a review of basic theory. An oral, written and practical exam is given to test the student’s competence in basic techniques and theory. 

Dr. Vodder MLD Therapy II and III Course: This course is taught by Robert Harris. Successful completion of the Therapy I exam enables the student to continue to these final two consecutively taught courses. They are taught usually in two five-day segments with a weekend break between sessions. The course covers various pathologies with an emphasis on lymphedema treatment in the context of CDT. Theoretical instruction is given by the medical director at the Dr. Vodder School or a physician trained in lymphology. Bandaging and specific MLD treatments are taught. At the end of the course, students take an oral, written and practical exam to demonstrate competence in techniques, treatment and bandaging. Students who successfully complete the examinations may then describe themselves as Vodder-Certified MLD/CDT Therapists. 

For more information about these courses, including 2012 dates and registration details, please visit  For more information about the Lymphology Association of North America, including exam eligibility, scope and application procedures, please visit

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