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New book tells author’s story from pain to triumph

staveley.jpgCanadian author Carole Staveley's new book, Not Lying Down: How I Conquered Years of Pain to Triumph at the Finish Line, is a personal and heart wrenching story of one woman's dream of overcoming years of chronic pain and despair to becoming an Ironman finisher. The book is the story of the author, a 47-year-old mother of two, and her amazing 17-year journey from pain to triumph, challenging the medical establishment and discovering the champion within: from chronic pain to Ironman Triathlon.

March 25, 2014  By CNW Group

The book is an inspirational account of one woman who has learned to
reach her full physical potential, overcoming pain and physical
limitations by looking beyond the boundaries of our Western traditional
medical system. Throughout the book, her "20/20 hindsight" section could
possibly save readers years of research and frustration.

with chronic myofascial pain syndrome (her underlying condition) which
interferes with proper muscle function, Staveley tells deeply personal
stories that help direct readers to approach problem solving with a
system proven to lead to change. As her story unfolds, she chronicles
all of the setbacks, the insights and the emotional roller coasters
associated with the many challenges along the way. Staveley was very
active and athletic, and found herself constantly asking the question,
"What’s happening to me?"

"We must actually learn to ask doctors
to help us," said Staveley. "What took me so many years to discover,
could possibly have taken a few months. Imagine losing that much time
because you didn’t have the knowledge to ask the right questions about
your own health?"

An avid tennis player and runner in her youth,
Steveley regularly worked out when an injury sidelined her in 1996, when
she tore a hip muscle at the age of 30. What she didn’t know was that
she had an underlying soft tissue condition which interfered with her
body’s ability to recover from this injury.


She believed for
years that what she needed was a "magic bullet" from the traditional
medical system to ease her pain, but those beliefs were shattered.

she continued to be active, more and more injuries seemed to arise. She
would injure herself doing strenuous activities and exercises, and then
injuries would occur simply by making sudden movements like turning her
head too fast. Each of these injuries was viewed as a "one off" by her
doctors and was never reviewed in detail as part of her overall chronic
and systemic problem.

The book takes the reader through the nine
key steps to becoming your own heath champion. It provokes the reader to
ask key questions that could change their health and wellbeing – now
and forever. It is designed as a self-help guide to encourage readers to
become their own health advocate, and to reach their physical potential
no matter what their current health condition.
Carole Staveley is
also a motivational speaker and the founder of Inner Victory Coaching
which offers empowering seminars, webinars and workshops.

Her e-book or soft cover copy is available April 7 at

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