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New RMTBC symposium looks at benefits of massage to mental health

VANCOUVER – The Registered Massage Therapists' of B.C. (RMTBC) will host a one-day symposium that will tackle what the association is describing as a "ground breaking, science-backed research on the benefits of massage therapy to mental health."

January 20, 2017  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

The symposium will be held March 31, 2017 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, B.C.

“The purpose of this symposium is to stimulate a dialogue between colleagues, promote the exchange of experiences and new ideas, start a network around scientific and evidence based practice, and to make an inventory of the possibilities for massage therapy in mental health,” stated Bodhi Haraldsson, research department director at RMTBC. “We have assembled a line up of speakers with a wide range of experience and knowledge delving into topics such as stress, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and the autoimmune system.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Gabor Mate will also speak on the biopsychosocial views of mental and physical health, Haraldsson added.

“The day promises to offer provocative insight into this burgeoning topic and bring the contribution of massage therapy for mental health into the spotlight. It is attracting attention from a wide range of health practitioners,” He said.


Reflecting on the massive infusion of information on mental health issues, RMTBC executive director Brenda Locke sees massage therapists as a valuable resource to treatment options.

“The RMTBC has always been a leader in the research of manual therapy as treatment for numerous health issues. I’m thrilled with the impetus of this new area of research and education for our members as we continue to ensure our association is a leader in professional development for the health care industry,” Locke said.

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