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Structural Myofascial Therapy –Level 1

Jun 3, Montreal, PQ - RMTs are invite to sign up for Structural Myofascial Therapy, Level 1 instruction, hosted by Baron Bodyworks, to be held in Edmonton from September 26-29, 2013.

June 10, 2013  By Massage Therapy Canada

Structural Myofascial therapy (SMFT) is a deep, hands-on, therapeutic technique that couples with postural somatic awareness to treat the body’s myofascial system. SMFT is a preferred treatment for athletes, dancers, musicians, heavy labourers, and those experiencing chronic problems.

Benefits of learning SMFT

Courses are aimed at reaching massage, physio, rehabilitation, and athletic therapists, osteopaths and other health care professionals. Through learning SMFT you will:

  • Learn to work deeply and efficiently! – Sessions are dedicated to learning and mastering deep myofascial techniques while exploring Postural Somatic Awareness (PSA), a powerful subjective tool.
  • Change how you understand the body! – Baron Bodyworks’ SMFT courses allow participants to understand how stiffness within the body’s myofascial system can create postural problems, injury, pain and discomfort!
  • Empower yourself and your clients! – Rejuvenating myofascial tissue is just one of the goals and benefits of SMFT. Clients suffering from stress headaches, postural problems, insomnia or chronic pain can also benefit from this work!

Level 1 instruction, titled "Connecting with the Fascia" will be held in Edmonton from September 26-29.  This will be a 28 hour course including: full body myofascial protocol; evaluation technique; postural somatic awareness; triple paradigm treatment structure, relieve, correct, integrate.

Levels 2 and 3 will be taught in March and June 2014 respectively.  Level 2,  Creating Specificity will be held in Edmonton on March 28-30, 2014 – this will also be a 24 hour course and will include instruction in advanced techniques including dural balancing. Level 3, titled Delving Deeper will be held from June 20-22, 2014 – this will be a 24 hour course and will include instruction in linking up new fascial techniques throughout the fascial continuum.

Register now to take advantage of Baron Body Works’ early bird specials and svae!  Visit or email for more information and/or to register. 

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