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Toronto chiropractor creates safe topical pain relief

Dr. Chris Oswald had been practicing chiropractic in the Toronto area for 16 years when he reached a point of frustration and decided to change the game.

June 5, 2014  By Massage Therapy Canada staff

He found that he and other chiropractors were going to the great lengths in order to ensure a positive, life-changing experience for their clients. But there weren’t any adequate products on the market reinforcing the work being done within the clinic.

So in 2004 he co-founded a line of ergonomic products called Ergo-Health; pillows, mattresses, back supports etc., with foam made in North America that boasted low toxicity levels and chemical ingredients.

The products were successful and grew in chains across the U.S. and Canada, and then Oswald decided to tackle the larger issue of topical pain.

“People are looking for a solution to avoid taking painkillers and pills because of the side effects and risks,” he says. “But none of the products in that industry had any double-blind, published studies for effectiveness.”


MuscleCare comes as a roll-on or in a cream form and was created using a certain kind of magnesium that will go through the skin and instantly cause muscle relaxation. Oswald claims that MuscleCare can improve circulation, push out inflammation and reset muscles into a healthy state quickly and effectively.

In 2012, MuscleCare was put up in a randomized, double-blind study including 120 participants against four of the national brands in topical pain relief, and outperformed them all, Oswald said.

“It changes circulatory channels, opens and relaxes muscles and takes pressure off the joints and nerves long enough that the pain patterns start to evolve,” Oswald says. “It’s not just a menthol that makes you hot or cold, that’s the biggest farce in the industry.”

MuscleCare was then brought to Dr. Gideon Koren, the founder and director of the Motherisk Program at Sick Kids Hospital, where his team put the product through a one-year toxicology study. The results proved that MuscleCare, which is free of cancer-causing parabens, is safe for both pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, according to Oswald.

The product is available to the public at Rexall, Walgreens and CVC locations across North America. Oswald also recently reached a deal with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, making it readily available to interns and including the product in chiropractic clinics.

Oswald says his product can be used on everyday aches and pains or for relief from chronic afflictions.

According to Oswald, MuscleCare can be used on its own but results are best when the product is used in conjunction with a patient’s regular chiropractic or massage therapy treatments.

“What I really wanted to do was make something that would help the tissues start to change their nature and improve circulation,” Oswald said. “If the muscle is getting fed, it’s amazing how much that restores the tissue and overall health of that person.”

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