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“Chairs for Charity” events raise funds for Japan

March 29, Mississauga, ON - Paul Lewis, RMT, has partnered with friends, colleagues and companies in Canada, Europe and the U.S. to offer wellness-related events featuring chair massage treatments and/or fitness classes, with proceeds going via the Red Cross to help those in Japan.

April 5, 2011  By Massage Therapy Canada

Too often in this modern age, people look around at the world’s suffering and injustices with despair, wondering what they as one individual can do. How refreshing it is to find someone who not only has a clear plan of what he might do to help to heal the world, but who is devoting his life to educating people in techniques that enhance their own abilities to heal themselves and those around them. 

Paul Lewis sees himself, first and foremost, as an educator but his background demonstrates a long and varied history in fitness and healing arts. Lewis provides workshops, lectures and classes to athletes, dancers, therapists and non-professionals seeking to develop a deeper connection with the bodies they work with. 

Lewis is the creator of several techniques designed to inspire wellness and strength in both health care professionals and their clients, and uses the human body as a way to forge connections between people. 

Given Lewis’ devotion to healing, it should come as no surprise that he sees the disaster that has recently struck Japan as an opportunity to “give back”. In addition to his personal connection to Japan (Lewis lived there for eight years receiving his Aikido training, speaks Japanese and maintains a Japanese website), Lewis is dedicated to reminding those he works with that there is tremendous power in giving back. 

His “Chairs for Charity” campaign brings together the healing powers of the individual and the philanthropic abilities of concerned professional communities. 

How it will work 

Over the coming spring and summer, Lewis has organized and will be participating in a number of “Chairs for Charity” fundraising events in such places as London, Germany and Atlanta.  These will be designed not only to offer resources to those in need, but also to raise awareness, reminding by example of the difference one individual can make. 

On Sunday March 20th he was invited to Vancouver’s Spa Show where he kicked off his campaign at Canada Place in the west. This was followed by a “Chairs for Charity” fundraiser at Know your body best store in Toronto, Canada. 

Lewis has set a goal of $10,000 in four months – we wish him good luck and encourage RMTs to look for Lewis’ “Chairs for Charity” fundraiser in the months to come. 

For a complete and up-to-date list of Paul Lewis’ fundraising events, please visit

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