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April 15, 2021
Research reveals why redheads may have different pain thresholds

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April 14, 2021
Keeping fit with HIIT really does work

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April 12, 2021
Major risk of injury for recreational runners

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April 12, 2021
Pain receptors linked to the generation of energy-burning brown fat cells

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April 9, 2021
New proposal for the management of low back pain with a proprioceptive approach

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April 3, 2021
More activity doesn’t mean you burn more calories

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April 1, 2021
Too much sitting is bad for you — but some types are better than others

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March 30, 2021
Does coffee burn more fat during exercise? What the evidence tells us

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March 29, 2021
Cardiorespiratory fitness improves grades at school

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March 28, 2021
Activity is good, varied activity is better

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March 26, 2021
Stressed brain linked to broken heart

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March 22, 2021
Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, study finds

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March 18, 2021
Wearable fitness trackers/step counters help the overweight/obese to shed the pounds

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March 13, 2021
Study suggests role of sleep in healing traumatic brain injuries

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March 11, 2021
Exercise app lowers fall risk for older adults

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March 10, 2021
Pausing before replying decreases perceived sincerity, study says

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March 9, 2021
Even just a bit of advertising changes the game in word-of-mouth marketing

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March 6, 2021
CMTO: New Standards of Practice approved by council

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March 5, 2021
How does your brain process emotions? Answer could help address loneliness epidemic

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March 4, 2021
Can AI fight racial bias in treating knee pain?

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March 1, 2021
Study examines what makes people susceptible to fake health news

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February 26, 2021
COVID stress boosts kids’ anxiety, overeating

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February 24, 2021
Phone therapy eases insomnia for older adults

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February 23, 2021
Timing of physical activity linked to fitness levels, CV risk for men with type 2 diabetes

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February 20, 2021
Massage therapist disciplined for playing games on phone while treating clients [CTV News]

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February 18, 2021
Physical therapy after c-section improves outcomes

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February 16, 2021
Regular exercise may protect against dementia

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February 11, 2021
Vitamin D supplementation: Possible gain in life years combined with cost savings