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Canada Food Guide quick facts: What’s in, what’s out and new lifestyle tips

Health Canada has updated its advice for Canadians to help them eat better and develop healthier food habits.

January 22, 2019  By The Canadian Press

What’s new:

  • Recommends eating plenty of veggies and fruits, whole grains
  • and protein foods
  • Promotes choosing proteins that come from plants more often
  • Says water should be your drink of choice
  • Provides tips on what to avoid or limit: processed, prepared foods, added sodium and sugar
  • Emphasizes reading food labels and being aware of marketing influence

What’s out:

  • No more food groups or portion sizes
  • Dairy no longer its own category; healthy dairy options now included with proteins and unsweetened drinks
  • Daily intake of oils and fats no longer promoted and saturated fats discouraged
  • No more promotion of juice or sweetened milk

New healthy eating lifestyle tips include:

  • Cook more often rather than buying meals
  • Be mindful of eating habits
  • Take time to eat rather than eating while working or doing other things
  • Involve others in planning and preparing meals
  • Food traditions can be part of healthy eating; share them across generations and cultures
  • Eat with other people


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